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This year we shared with our coffee friends in Colombia, from the 19th to the 25th of January we toured some of the most emblematic coffee triangle places, tried typical foods, enjoyed the weather and were happy learning about the culture and above all, coffee.

Colombia is a privileged country that can offer coffee lovers production all year round, with the best qualities and from all the origins of the country. The closeness to Equator makes conditions conducive and that coffee is always outstanding and highlighting the different characteristics of each region. Almacafé is also present to ensure quality safety at all times and to offer customers tranquility about every purchase.

Coming to Colombia with Samaria Coffee in the Origin trip is important to know the coffee process from its origin to the cup. In the different activities we do, you can even plant your own coffee tree, pick up the coffee and see the whole process on the farms and get to know the inspiring stories behind our coffees, go through our cold mill plant and then join in our cupping tables, living a unique experience getting into the coffee culture around our well-known friendly people and lend to collaborate, giving our best for you to take home all the knowledge of the coffee industry and the memories of one of the best trips of your life, as cataloged by those who have lived this experience.

The landscapes, the aromas, the flavors and all the experiences you will live in a Colombia Sourcing Trip make this an opportunity that you can not miss. Take the best coffee from Colombia to your roastery!



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