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Know our lands and their history

Café Samaria is the story of an immigrant couple from Antioquia, Gerardo Escobar Mesa and Enriqueta Ceballos, hard-working people with a great love for family and the countryside. Adventurous entrepreneurs who arrived in 1932 in Belén de Umbría – Risaralda, a small town located in the Western Cordillera that provides very fertile soils and the optimal climate for coffee.

Today Samaria is recognized as a typical farm that produces the effort of Gerardo and Enriqueta, their daughter Fabiola and her husband Gilberto Osorio, their grandchildren Mauricio and Andrea, and their great-grandchildren Daniel, Tomás and Eugenio.

The work in the field

For 4 generations we have worked hard to harvest and deliver our family-selected coffees to the world.

Sourcing Trips

Colombia is a privileged country that can offer coffee lovers production all year round, with the best qualities and from all the origins of the country. The closeness to Equator makes conditions conducive and that coffee is always outstanding and highlighting the different characteristics of each region. Almacafé is also present to ensure quality safety at all times and to offer customers tranquility about every purchase.

Coming to Colombia with Samaria Coffee in the Origin trip is important to know the coffee process from its origin to the cup. In the different activities we do, you can even plant your own coffee tree, pick up the coffee and see the whole process on the farms and get to know the inspiring stories behind our coffees

Our process

We have our own farms, work with local growers and partner with associations to grow the best coffees.

We have developed our Farm to Roaster Strategy to ensure all of our coffees are outstanding.

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