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Aponte Reserve

2100 MASL

Price: US$ 4.50

Lote: 3-2544-00011

Place: Portland(Portland)

Inventory: 62 bags of 70kg

Price: US$ 4.50

Lote: 3-2544-00089

Place: Portland(Portland)

Inventory: 9 bags of 70kg

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Inga Aponte is a indigenous reservation located 4 hours away from Pasto, Capital city of Nariño department. The Ingas as they are named, are decedents of the Incas and have been established since the 18th century.The Ingas are proud of their culture, and one of the most prosperous native communities in Colombia. Because of their location near to the Amazonas forest, they keep an active exchange with other native tribes in the neighboring Putumayo department that live in the highly dense jungle.


Nariño Department is very recognized by the great specialty coffee its produced by its citizens, its capital is San Juan de Pasto, it is located in the southwest of Colombia, in the Andean and Pacific regions. Nariño has a diverse geography and varied climate according to the altitudes. Nariño coffee is planted at high altitudes; its soils have a high content of organic matter that make it possible to grow coffee at high altitudes that reach up to 2,300 meters above sea level. Its coffees are characterized by high acidity, sweet notes and pronounced aroma.

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