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Vertical chain strategy

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We are looking to get better every day to offer high quality and competitive colombian coffees, following the next vertical chain strategy.

Direct Purchases FROM ORIGIN

Our model is based in building mutual benefit and respectful relationships with individual producers and also with coops around Colombia become our allies, guaranteeing the quality of the coffee and a strong relationship that benefit all sides in the coffee market.

COMMITTED LOGISTICS to guarantee the coffee quality

We are committed with ourselves and our customers to guarantee a high quality and service on time.

EXPORT and IMPORT on time with special care

Samaria coffee is fully committed to ensure our customers and partners in the coffee market a complete satisfaction and this has been achieved through time as we have grown exponentiallly in the coffee industry. We also guarantee the quality of our coffees with good practices in the export process by using excellent materials like Grain pro bags, vacuum packaging, kraft paper inside the containers.

DISTRIBUTION in 4 warehouses strategically located around the US

We currently use 6 warehouses ( SEA, PDX, Annex, NJ) in the United States in order to distribute in all the country.



Lot 3-2544-00063 Costa Oro·Portland
Finca Samaria Tabi
Finca Samaria Tabi
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